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Satisfied dogs, they are SabisCão Dogs!

When we discovered the Casa de Campo space, one word flooded our minds: Freedom! 50,000 m2 of nature, where you can breathe peace and harmony, where the chirping of birds conveys tranquility, and where you will find opportunities to explore and plenty of shade to rest. We immediately imagined our Cãopanheiros enjoying this magic, and it was from there that we designed Casa de Campo SabisCão.

Located in Crato, in the middle of Alto Alentejo, with a rural environment, and bathed by Ribeira da Seda, we believe that these hectares are a quality and safe answer for the much-deserved holidays of our four-legged friends.

The SabisCão team has a philosophy that prioritizes interaction between our Cãopanheiros, where the freedom and opportunity to be dogs enhances their satisfaction and socialization.
As guardians, we know what we want for our dogs, as they are part of our family. Therefore, we intended to find a solution, in a family environment, that respected the time and space of each dog as an individual, and enhanced the benefits that arise from the coexistence between all. Being able to transmit this balance to our dogs makes them feel safe and comfortable, and these feelings also pass on to their owners. And so, despite the distance and often the discomfort that this separation causes, the good mood experienced by the dogs, recorded throughout the day by the team, helps to consolidate a feeling of serenity.

Caring for our Big Dogs

We want freedom to live in our Casa de Campo! Freedom to run, freedom to play, freedom to explore, freedom to have the right to a little space, freedom to rest, as we prioritize respect for the individual characteristics of all our friends. For this reason, care is taken to ensure a smooth adaptation, where our friends get to know each other in a phased manner, and according to each person’s personalities. Always in the company of the SabisCão team, our Cãopanheiros have the autonomy to carry out activities of their interest, but challenges are also presented that stimulate interaction, mental capacity and environmental exploration on the part of everyone. If moments of play are important, the well-being of our four-legged friends is also fundamental. There are plenty of shades to rest in, water points to quench your thirst and a lit stove on cool winter days. And it is on beds and sofas, within the space of our Casa de Campo, that our dogs enjoy the peaceful nights of Alentejo. Each person’s diet is also respected, as well as a little cuddle and comfort from the SabisCão team.

The team has training and knowledge in behavior, training and veterinary first aid, ready to intervene and help with any more specific need or incident that may occur.

And how much is it?

High season or low season… it doesn’t matter!!

The cost is €21 per day, make sure your check-in and check-out day is always accounted for.

And organize your days well because we go to Lisbon for free, picking up and delivering the house, always on Thursdays and Mondays.

Who can use the Country House SabisCão?

All our four-legged friends, who are sociable with dogs and people, can have a well-deserved vacation at Casa de Campo SabisCão. It is important that dogs, with the exception of puppies, are neutered, and that bitches are not in heat. For dogs who do not know the philosophy of the SabisCão team, we always recommend a test weekend, so that both our Cãopanheiros and their Owners can live this experience and feel confident, safe and calm with a longer stay. . For health and safety reasons, our friends’ Vaccinations must be up to date, as well as their Deworming Plan. We also recommend strengthening protection against parasites (fleas and ticks) and sandflies.
We want to provide our dogs with moments of freedom, where they can be dogs! Because for us, satisfied Dogs, they are SabisCão Dogs!


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