Stays · Country House

A solution, in a family environment, that respects the time and space of each dog as an individual,
and enhances the benefits that arise from the coexistence between everyone.

Daycare · Dog daycare

A satisfied dog is not simply a tired dog: it is a dog that has been stimulated at an environmental, sensory, cognitive and social level;
He is a dog where all his needs are met!

Training · Social Obedience

We work from a complete Social Obedience plan or the specific objectives of each Tutor.
In group or individual classes. In our playground or at home!

Behavioral Modification

Sometimes our Friends exhibit undesirable or inappropriate behavior.

Understanding these behaviors is the best way to avoid them and, at the same time,
it is the best strategy to help our Cãopanheiros overcome them.

We can help!

Tours - Dog Trekking

The main objective of the tours is, in a personalized way, to allow the Dog to be a Dog, in different environments.
At each outing there is an opportunity to play and explore, with exciting challenges for all dogs, but always ensuring their safety and well-being.