As an owner, I had the privilege of creating a unique and special relationship with my dogs. But not everything was easy: what to do if the dog just wants to pee at home, and refuses to do his business outside? What am I doing wrong if the dog only chews on the legs of tables and chairs? Why is it that when I call my dog, he doesn’t come, and he still runs away from me if I approach? What can I do to stop him from barking at other dogs, or walking next to me, when he is on a leash?

These were questions that arose over time and as my dogs grew, and I felt safer and more confident when I had support and guidance from canine education professionals. And do you know why? Because I was the one who was wrong.

I learned that I could have done much more when my dog ​​was a puppy to prevent future behavior; I understood what a dog is, and how to respect him and his needs; I discovered how important it is to play and work every day, and the impact of this care on my learning and my relationship with my dogs.

Now I have also complemented my learning with courses, seminars and workshops in canine training and behavior. I had the opportunity to live unique and very enriching experiences that made me better understand what it means to be a Dog!

I have the privilege of volunteering at ARC – Associação de Resgate Cinotécnico, an association that trains guides and dogs to search for missing people, and at Associação Ânimas, which trains social assistance dogs and promotes animal-assisted intervention programs. Where the work I do helps me, to reinforce the importance of the quality of the relationship we have with our dog. They are an asset in our daily lives, and the achievements when working in a positive, fun and consistent way, but with seriousness and honesty, have great value.

Therefore, I intend to share my legacy, in order to help owners with all the doubts they may have, regarding their Cãopanheiro.


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