SabisCão · Day Care


Satisfied dogs, they are SabisCão Dogs!

Daycare takes place at our Recreio do SabisCão. A space of almost 4 hectares, with a privileged view of the Serra de Sintra, located in Ribeira de Sintra. Yes… you read well, practically 35,000m2 for your Dog to be a Dog!

A satisfied dog is not simply a tired dog: it is a dog that has been stimulated at an environmental, sensory, cognitive and social level; He is a dog where all his needs are met!
And our Cãopanheiros, when satisfied, become more balanced, calm and sociable individuals!

Therefore, at our SabisCão Playground, we work with the aim of providing the most varied types of activities, which meet this objective: making your pets calmer, more relaxed… Satisfied!

You can choose to come and leave your Cãopanheiro at our Playground, within our opening hours. Or resort to a more convenient solution and opt for our transport. With home collection and delivery, our friends are comfortably transported in individual transport boxes. This is proven to be the safest means of transport for our friends. Security is a fundamental point in any situation.

During the entire time they are in our care, our Cãopanheiros are always accompanied by experienced monitors.

Are there requirements for my Dog to attend daycare?


– be sociable with people and dogs. A behavioral assessment is always carried out at our playground. Free!
If your pet needs or is undergoing behavioral modification work, you must let us know at the beginning.

In the initial assessment session, we also clarify any doubts you may have and get to know the space. We make recommendations and explain our work philosophy!

– up-to-date vaccinations and deworming (internal and external)

– castrated adult males. Puppies/young adults can be intact until a certain point.

– females in heat cannot attend daycare.

And how much is it?

Daycare service prices vary depending on the geographic area for transport, or number of dogs owned by the same owner.

So just send us a request for information on prices. We didn’t take long to respond!


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